Cadet Umpire Training

Umpire Cadet

Cadet umpire training is for anyone interested in becoming an umpire or renewing their status in New Jersey. UUASNJ cadet umpire training classes contain many men and women with varying levels of baseball and softball umpire experience and knowledge.  In New Jersey, a cadet is a trainee who attends an umpire cadet class.  Some cadets come to us having never called a ball or strike. Some cadets have graduated from professional umpire schools, been former professional baseball players, or are former high school head coaches.  Other cadets have been former college players, current and former high school players, college and high school students. Umpire Training You might have a lot of experience as an umpire, or you may have never set foot on a field as an baseball or softball umpire or never played a baseball game.

In either case, if you wish to umpire high school baseball or softball games in southern New Jersey, regardless of your background you must begin as a cadet, complete the cadet classes and pass the New Jersey state exam.

UUASNJ Cadet Class in Southern New Jersey

We have designed a program to train individuals with a comprehensive knowledge of the rules, to prepare our cadets for the State Certification Examination(s), as well as the proper mechanics of umpiring. Once our cadets have successfully completed our program and received a passing grade on the certification examination(s), they will be entitled to membership in our organization and will be certified to officiate baseball or softball games within the state of New Jersey.


Course Information: The UUASNJ Umpire Training Course is FREE which begins on January 4, 2023.   We offer class sessions one night a week for 8 weeks.  Anyone involved with our course will have a combination of classroom study, indoor mechanic sessions and one or more field clinics. After completion of our training course, all umpires will be eligible to start umpiring games.  Each Cadet will be assigned High School baseball and softball games while being observed and rated by experienced umpires. 2020 Baseball umpire training

Class Location: All classes will be held at 501 S Warwick Rd, Hi-Nella, NJ 08083

Clinic Instructors:  The UUASNJ staff includes top NCAA and High School Umpires who excel in teaching all things related to umpiring.

Here is what’s included in your training package:

  • Training Materials:              (Package includes Baseball or Softball)
        • Baseball - MLB rulebook, a Baseball NFHS Rulebook, and the 2-man Mechanic Umpire Manual.
        • Softball  - Softball NFHS Rulebook, and the 2-man Mechanic Umpire Manual.
  • Classroom Training: Class discussion will include the rules of Baseball or Softball, field mechanics/field responsibilities, plate mechanics/responsibilities and handling situations along with videos.  All class materials are supplied with registration.
  • On Field Training: This training will include on field base and plate mechanic/positioning drills. (This training will reinforce instruction learned in the classroom and is in addition to the classroom training)
  • Plate Umpire Training: This training will include plate mechanics and positioning drills. (This training will reinforce instruction learned in the classroom and is in addition to the classroom training).