Baseball 2-Man Mechanics Workshop

Fostering Growth and Development

"It is our desire to develop a sense of healthy competition among our umpires. You must seek to continually grow or risk being passed by those who are. This growth and development have a direct correlation to the following core clinic values:

  • Attend a clinic for the right reason – to get better.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the vast amount of knowledge taught in the clinic, on the field.
  • Embrace the sharing of knowledge in a mentor role to help develop other umpires.

Throughout the country a consensus in terms of training philosophies remains elusive. One philosophy teaches mechanics and umpiring to the lowest common denominator. The result? Umpires work in the same exact “safe” way without being challenged.

Our program has implemented a different philosophy. We believe in introducing and teaching current “cutting edge” mechanics executed by the most accomplished NCAA umpires in the country, to all clinic students

Integral to this process is our deep-rooted belief in limiting the number of students allowing for more personal instructor-student interaction as it relates to mechanic concepts, reinforcement, and evaluation. This ensures our umpires receive the attention they deserve after their financial and personal commitment to attend. Additionally, the result is a far greater understanding of current mechanics which continually evolve year-to-year and, most important, they get better!"  - United Collegiate Umpires.