Running Interference


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Batter-Runner Interference can be called where the runner is out in these situations and more.   (8-4-1) a) he intentionally interferes with the catcher’s attempt to field the ball after a third strike; b) his fair hit or foul (other than a foul tip which is not a third strike) is caught by a fielder, or such catch is prevented by a spectator reaching into the playing field; c) his fair fly, fair line drive or fair bunt in flight is intentionally dropped by an infielder with at least first base occupied and before there are two outs. The ball is dead and the runner or runners shall return to their respective base(s); d) after hitting or bunting a ball, he intentionally contacts the ball with the bat a second time in fair or foul territory. The ball is dead and no runner(s) advance; e) a third strike is caught by the catcher; or the third strike is not caught with first base occupied and there are less than two outs (2-16-2); f) after a dropped third strike (see 8-4-1e) or a fair hit, if the ball held by any fielder touches the batter before the batter touches first base; or if any fielder, while holding the ball in his grasp, touches first base or touches first base with the ball before the batter-runner touches first base: or Batter-Runner Interference can be:

NFHS Rule 8-4-2 (g)

g. intentionally interferes with a throw or a thrown ball; or he hinders a fielder on his initial
attempt to field a batted ball. A fielder is not protected, except from intentional contact if he
misplays the ball and has to move from his original location; or his being put out is prevented by
an illegal act by anyone connected with the team (2-21-1, 3-2-2, 3-2-3) or by the batter-runner;
for runner returning to base (8-2-6); and for runner being hit by a batted ball (8-4-2k). If, in

the judgment of the umpire, a runner including the batter-runner interferes in any way and prevents a double play anywhere, two shall be declared out (the runner who interfered and the other runner involved).

See also Catcher Interference.